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La Cala Resort

Course Summary

The La Cala Resort is considered by many to be one of the finest golf and leisure resorts in Spain. The great facilities on offer make it one of the prime locations for those looking for a golf break in La Cala.

The resort comprises of three fantastic championship class golf courses, Campo America, Campo Asia and Campo Europe.

Designed by the famous golf course architect Cabell Robinson, the courses are set within a beautiful and natural backdrop of undulating hills, trees, flowers and local wildlife.

Due to their elevated position, each course offers superb views to the Costa del Sol coastline and presents their own unique challenge for both novice and experienced golfers alike.


  • Driving range
  • Golf academy
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Tennis courts
  • Squash courts
  • Football
  • Fitness centre

Course Details

Campo Asia

Campo Asia was formerly known as the South Course and is the oldest of the three La Cala Resort courses. It was first opened 15 years ago and is said to be one of the first Cabell Robinson designed courses.

The Asia course is relatively hilly and narrow and this has resulted in a course which is just 5,925m in length. But don’t let that fool you! The course is a real test for any golfer.

Campo Asia has plenty of challenging holes to enjoy with the main emphasis being to get your approach shot just right as many of the greens are small and well guarded with bunkers.

Many of the approach shots are to elevated greens, which are well bunkered with water coming into play on a couple of the courses holes.

All in all a spectacular par 72 course that represents a great challenge as well as some stunning views along the way.

Campo America

The Campo America course was opened shortly after the Campo Asia course and was previously known as the North Course.

The America course is an excellent challenge for any golfer offering a total of 5 par 5 holes and measuring a total of 6,009 meters making it a par 72.

Although there are no water traps on this hole, don’t get carried away as the fairways have plenty of grunkle-covered slide slopes just waiting to catch you out.

Of the five par 5s, the 1st, 9th and 15th are all reachable in two shots due to the wide and relatively unprotected fairways.

Make sure your approach shots are accurate though, as the vast majority of the greens are elevated.

Campo Europa

The third course at La Cala Resort is the par 71 Campo Europa, which was first opened in 2005.

Measuring 6,014 meters, the course is a little easier than the America and Asia courses due to its generous fairways, large greens and relatively flat terrain.

Course designer Cabell Robinson stresses the difference between the three courses: “The three courses in La Cala Resort are all very different in character. The new course is the most different of the three because of the river Ojen – the others are in the hills. They are three good challenges and none is over long. Yet they are all very different in character. It gives a great option to golfers to have three 18-hole courses to choose from.

Cabell went on to stress the advantages of the new course for the average golfer:
The new course is not only dramatic but will also be easier for the average golfer. The fairways are generous from the tees and the greens are slightly larger than on the existing courses.

A couple of notable holes on the course are the par 3 14th hole which is a par three which measures 233 meters, the maximum for a par 3 hole. Then there is the tough 11th, which is a par 5 hole measuring 524 meters and makes it the longest hole on the course.

The Europa course like Asia and America is lovely and scenic, surrounded by mountains and the river Ojen which cuts across a number of the fairways on the course. In total there are five bridges on the course, one of which measures 45 meters!

A lot of care and attention was placed on the protection of the native flora and fauna when developing the course with many indigenous plants and trees such as Rosemary, Rockrose, Lavender, cork, almond and carob trees being planted around the course. In total, there were some 300 trees and 1,500 bushes planted. In fact, not one of the original trees on the site of the course was removed during development!

A lovely course, which completes the three superb courses at the La Cala Resort.

Green Fees

DatesInformationOur PricePublic Price
01/06/21 - 08/09/21 Buggy Included60 Euros63 Euros
09/09/21 - 30/09/21 Buggy Included90 Euros97 Euros
01/10/21 - 25/10/21 Buggy Included98 Euros106 Euros
26/10/21 - 30/11/21 Buggy Included90 Euros97 Euros
01/12/21 - 31/12/21 Buggy Included60 Euros63 Euros
Low Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included185 Euros189 Euros
Mid Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included282 Euros300 Euros
High Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included319 Euros339 Euros
1 In 8 Free
Not with Amigos offer
01/01/22 - 20/02/22 Buggy Included62 Euros63 Euros
21/02/22 - 28/02/22 Buggy Included96 Euros97 Euros
01/03/22 - 10/04/22 Buggy Included105 Euros106 Euros
11/04/22 - 31/05/22 Buggy Included96 Euros97 Euros
04/07/22 - 31/07/22Europa Maintenance
01/08/22 - 04/09/22Asia Maintenance
01/06/22 - 7/09/22 Buggy Included62 Euros63 Euros
08/09/22 - 21/09/22 Buggy Included96 Euros97 Euros
22/09/22 - 23/10/22 Buggy Included105 Euros106 Euros
24/10/22 - 30/10/22 Buggy Included96 Euros97 Euros
31/10/22 - 13/11/22 Buggy Included105 Euros106 Euros
14/11/22 - 30/11/22 Buggy Included96 Euros97 Euros
01/11/22 - 31/12/22 Buggy Included62 Euros63 Euros
Low Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included188 Euros190 Euros
Mid Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included296 Euros300 Euros
High Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included336 Euros339 Euros
2 Course Passes Available. Please Ask
DatesInformationOur PricePublic Price
2021America Course
01/06/21 - 08/09/21 Buggy Included65 Euros68 Euros
09/09/21 - 30/09/21 Buggy Included100 Euros108 Euros
01/10/21 - 25/10/21 Buggy Included109 Euros119 Euros
26/10/21 - 30/11/21 Buggy Included100 Euros108 Euros
01/12/21 - 31/12/21 Buggy Included65 Euros68 Euros
Low Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included215 Euros222 Euros
Mid Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included317 Euros339 Euros
High Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included362 Euros390 Euros
20221 In 8 Free
Not with Amigos offer
01/01/22 - 20/02/22 Buggy Included67 Euros68 Euros
21/02/22 - 28/02/22 Buggy Included107 Euros108 Euros
01/03/22 - 10/04/22 Buggy Included118 Euros119 Euros
11/04/22 / 17/04/22Maintenance
18/04/22 - 31/05/22 Buggy Included107 Euros108 Euros
01/06/22 - 7/09/22 Buggy Included67 Euros68 Euros
08/09/22 - 21/09/22 Buggy Included107 Euros108 Euros
22/09/22 - 23/10/22 Buggy Included118 Euros119 Euros
24/10/22 - 30/10/22 Buggy Included107 Euros108 Euros
31/10/22 - 13/11/22 Buggy Included118 Euros119 Euros
14/11/22 - 30/11/22 Buggy Included107 Euros108 Euros
01/11/22 - 31/12/22 Buggy Included67 Euros68 Euros
Low Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included220 Euros222 Euros
Mid Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included336 Euros339 Euros
High Season 4 Amigos2 Buggies Included388 Euros390 Euros
DatesInformationOur Price
Play all three courses:
01/01/22 - 20/02/22Shared Buggy Included156 Euros
21/02/22 - 28/02/22Shared Buggy Included238 Euros
01/03/22 - 10/04/22Shared Buggy Included265 Euros
11/04/22 - 31/05/22Shared Buggy Included238 Euros
01/06/22 - 7/09/22Shared Buggy Included156 Euros
08/09/22 - 21/09/22Shared Buggy Included238 Euros
22/09/22 - 23/10/22Shared Buggy Included265 Euros
24/10/22 - 30/10/22Shared Buggy Included238 Euros
31/10/22 - 13/11/22Shared Buggy Included265 Euros
14/11/22 - 30/11/22Shared Buggy Included238 Euros
01/11/22 - 31/12/22Shared Buggy Included156 Euros


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