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Atalaya Old Marbella

Course Summary

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Blanca mountains, its two magnificent 18-hole courses – the Atalaya Old Course and the Atalaya New Course – are lined with mature eucalyptus trees, cactus and palms and pink and white azaleas that fill the air with an unforgettable and intoxicating scent.

The Old Course was designed by Bernard von Limburger, the 1925 German Golf Championships winner who became his country’s finest golf course architect of the time.

With its wide fairways and large elevated greens, this championship course provides a challenge to golfers at all levels.

Elegant and mature with spectacular views of the magnificent La Concha mountain, it is the perfect oasis of tranquility on the otherwise bustling and vibrant Costa del Sol.

Its apparently benign parkland aspect with gently sloping fairways makes it an ideal course for the average club golfer – but plentiful bunkers filled with sparkling ‘marmolina’ sand, fast greens, lush vegetation and fairways lined with olive, pine, cactus and eucalyptus trees prove a challenge for single-figure players as well.


  • Driving range
  • Putting green
  • Pro shop
  • Golf lessons
  • Clubhouse
  • Restaurant
  • Changing rooms

Course Details

Hole 1. Par 4. Hcp. 17
• 313m • 309m • 277m

A forgiving opening hole. A three wood or long iron down the right side should leave a short iron. Trees will block out the second shot if hit too far to the left.

Hole 2. Par 3. Hcp. 7
• 161m • 154m • 138m

A tough par 3. When the pin is in the front, accuracy is imperative as the green narrows at this point. When the pin is in the middle or back be sure to take enough club, as a deep bunker awaits anything short.

Hole 3. Par 4. Hcp. 3
• 412m • 393m • 322m

Good tee shot required. Aiming just inside the right fairway bunker normally leaves a long iron second. A fairway bunker awaits the miss-hit shot and a bunker guards the left side of the green.

Hole 4. Par 4. Hcp. 13
• 338m • 329m • 300m

A dog-leg right. The fairway bunker is a consideration. If you keep left the second shot plays longer. All the trouble is at the front of the green, so club up!

Hole 5. Par 5. Hcp. 1
• 544m • 530m • 420m

Genuine par 5. A good shot and a long iron or wood will leave you in good shape, short of the ditch which crosses the fairway about 70 meters short of the green. A short iron third to a long narrow green. A deep bunker guards the right side of the green and is definitely not the place to be.

Hole 6. Par 4. Hcp. 11
• 323m • 311m • 278m

Treat this hole with respect. Make four and go to the next. After a good drive you are left with a short iron. Anything hit left half of the green can finish in the deep bunker left of the green.

Hole 7. Par 3. Hcp. 5
• 218m • 195m • 156m

Long par 3 requiring a strong, accurate tee shot. Well bunkered left and right. Green slopes left to right.

Hole 8. Par 5. Hcp. 15
• 460m • 447m • 386m

Good birdie hole for the long hitter to get home in two. Fairway bunkers protect the second shot. Green slopes left to right.

Hole 9. Par 4. Hcp. 9
• 320m • 308m • 273m

Slight dog-leg right. Aim center with slight fade for best position. The second shot is uphill, so take one club more. Green side bunker left catches many shots. Aim for the right side of the green.

Hole 10. Par 4. Hcp. 12
• 339m • 320m • 301m

Dog-leg left. Keep your tee shot down the right side of fairway. With a short to medium iron second, a high shot is required to clear the front bunker.

Hole 11. Par 5. Hcp. 14
• 487m • 475m • 411m

Straight away par five. Keep the second shot to the left side avoiding fairway bunkers. Birdie chance with a good pitch.

Hole 12. Par 3. Hcp. 6
• 207m • 173m • 126m

A three here is like making a birdie. Aim for the left half of the green. Anything right gets swallowed up by a deep green-side bunker. Water awaits the miss-hit shot.

Hole 13. Par 4. Hcp. 2
• 372m • 328m • 279m

Slight dog-leg left. A slight draw off the tee leaves a short to mid iron second. Be up with the second shot, as anything short will spin down the slope. No bunkers on this hole.

Hole 14. Par 4. Hcp. 16
• 343m • 327m • 281m

Dog-leg left. Again the draw shot is required with a three wood leaving a mid to short iron second to a slightly elevated green. Deep bunker right of the green.

Hole 15. Par 4. Hcp. 8
• 336m • 321m • 269m

Dog-leg right. You can hit a lot more to the left on this hole than you think. If you are too straight, a fairway bunker catches your shot. The second shot is a short iron, but don’t be greedy if the pin is right. A large bunker awaits anything short.

Hole 16. Par 3. Hcp. 18
• 145m • 135m • 123m

A short hole, but play smart if the pin is placed on the right side.

Hole 17. Par 5. Hcp. 4
• 518m • 505m • 433m

Another genuine par 5. Normally the second has to negotiate the large cross bunker which might be in range. The third shot is paramount here as this is a potential three putt green, so double check your yardage.

Hole 18. Par 4. Hcp. 10
• 310m • 300m • 261m

Aim left of the right fairway bunker. After a good tee shot you are left with a tricky short second shot. If the pin is left you have a good birdie chance. If the pin is right, hit the percentage shot. A deep bunker guards the right side.

Green Fees

DatesInformationOur PricePublic Price
Buggy 42 Euros
Excluding 08:45 hrs -11:45 hrs
01/02/24 – 31/05/24Green Fee84 Euros130 Euros
01/06/24 – 15/09/24Green Fee55 Euros75 Euros
16/09/24 – 30/11/24Green Fee88 Euros130 Euros
01/12/24 – 31/01/25Green Fee62 Euros90 Euros
27/05/24 – 16/06/24
26/08/24 – 06/09/24
01/02/25 – 31/05/25Green Fee84 Euros140 Euros
01/06/25 – 15/09/25Green Fee62 Euros180 Euros
16/09/25 – 30/11/25Green Fee84 Euros140 Euros
01/12/25 – 31/12/25Green Fee62 Euros100 Euros


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