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Atalaya New Marbella

Course Summary

Atalaya New Course offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean and Gibraltar and is seen as one of the most natural courses on the coast.

Created in 1990 by Paul Krings, the New Course is set further inland, but has a similar parkland feel about it – with gently undulating fairways and large, fast greens. It would be fair to say that, in general, hazards are obvious but still manage to trap the unwary. Care is needed off the tees and the wild hitter will soon encounter difficulties.

The New Course is rapidly catching up with the Old in terms of quality and in the summer months there are great bargains to be had for the holiday golfer.


  • Driving range
  • Putting green
  • Pro shop
  • Golf lessons
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Changing rooms
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool

Course Details

Hole 1. Par 4. Hcp. 10
• 302m • 294m • 257m

A straight uphill hole to start. A driver or 3 wood should leave a direct short iron into the green. The bunker should not come into play.

Hole 2. Par 5. Hcp. 2
• 464m • 458m • 403m

A narrow hole where both the drive and second shot should be kept left of center. The third shot needs to carry a large bunker protecting a raised two tier green, which slopes from back to front.

Hole 3. Par 4. Hcp. 12
• 284m • 279m • 244m

An uphill hole requiring a 3 wood or long iron to the center of the fairway which has trouble on both sides. The second shot should be played with a short iron. There are no bunkers surrounding the green, but there is water to the left.

Hole 4. Par 3. Hcp. 8
• 147m • 145m • 110m

An interesting medium length par 3 played across the lake. The bail out area is to the right.

Hole 5. Par 4. Hcp. 16
• 258m • 250m • 219m

A short par 4 recovery hole, it is advised not to use the driver to attack the green, but to leave yourself a short iron approach. The green is protected by 3 bunkers.

Hole 6. Par 5. Hcp. 4
• 440m • 437m • 387m

An uphill par 5 which curves to the left. Following a drive to the top of the hill the fairway splits in two. It is advised to try and play along the top fairway.

Hole 7. Par 4. Hcp. 14
• 248m • 246m • 200m

A very short downhill par 4 which always requires less club than you think. The green slopes towards the bunkers on the right, so try to keep your approach on the left side.

Hole 8. Par 4. Hcp. 6
• 310m • 298m • 245m

Driver to the right side of the fairway which slopes heavily from right to left. A good drive will leave a short iron approach to a two tier green.

Hole 9. Par 3. Hcp. 8
• 122m • 118m • 107m

The shortest par 3 on the course. Aim towards the right center of the green, as the biggest problems are to the left. Take care with the crosswind.

Hole 10. Par 4. Hcp. 7
• 274m • 267m • 247m

Beginning the back nine is a par 4 with a steep inclination from right to left. A good drive should leave a short iron approach to the green which has trouble to the right.

Hole 11. Par 4. Hcp. 11
• 271m • 260m • 231m

A par 4 with no bunkers. A long iron should be sufficient to place the ball in the fairway. The approach will then be a short iron looking for the right center of the green.

Hole 12. Par 3. Hcp. 9
• 188m • 179m • 167m

Play towards the left side of the green on this long downhill par 3. Bunkers are situated in-front and behind, with a steep slope on the right side of green.

Hole 13. Par 3. Hcp. 3
• 167m • 162m • 135m

A par 3 which requires a precise long iron or wood, protected by shrubs to the right and a steep bank to the left. Play towards the right side.

Hole 14. Par 5. Hcp. 13
• 474m • 469m • 421m

A semi-blind par 5 from the tee, the drive should be aimed in the direction of hole 16. The fairway slopes down into the green entrance, and should roll in from the right hand side.

Hole 15. Par 4. Hcp. 17
• 240m • 234m • 207m

There are two ways to play this short par 4 recovery hole which offers a very reasonable birdie opportunity. Attacking players should take on the right half of the green. The more conservative should use iron a 5 to the fairway and a short iron to the green.

Hole 16. Par 3. Hcp. 15
• 155m • 149m • 131m

Always play to the left side of this medium par 3, taking the bunker on the right side out of play. The green has two tiers.

Hole 17. Par 4. Hcp. 5
• 436m • 436m • 370m

Finding the right line can make this a reachable par 4 from the tee, but the safer option is to take a long iron towards the right and let the slope take the ball downhill towards the green.

Hole 18. Par 5. Hcp. 1
• 545m • 536m • 429m

The longest and straightest hole on the course. A strong drive and well placed second shot are required in order to reach the green in regulation. The large green is on two levels, protected by water at the front.

Green Fees

DatesInformationOur PricePublic Price
Excluding 09:39 hrs - 11:18hrs
01/02/24 – 31/05/24Green fee two people
Includes Shared Buggy
138 Euros160 Euros
01/06/24 – 15/09/24Green fee two people
Includes Shared Buggy
112 Euros130 Euros
16/09/24 – 31/01/25Green fee two people
Includes Shared Buggy
138 Euros160 Euros
17/06/24 – 30/06/24
09/09/24 – 15/09/24
01/02/25 – 31/05/25Green fee two people
Includes Shared Buggy
134 Euros170 Euros
01/06/25 – 15/09/25Green fee two people
Includes Shared Buggy
110Euros140 Euros
16/09/25 – 31/12/25Green fee two people
Includes Shared Buggy
134 Euros170 Euros


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